We help you

Make awesome products

We build reusable models and algorithms that you use to create smart software and compelling user experiences.

Improve quality and efficiency

We isolate problem areas and simulate the impact of making changes to complex operations

Find, grow and retain customers

We segment, score and predict customer behaviors so you can build the best possible offers and campaigns


What We Do

Consulting and Research

We'll work with you to understand the problem and create ideas and options for you to consider.

If desired, we can design and run qualitative and quantitive market research and draw conclusions from the findings.

Finally, we can work with your teams to test, implement and optimize the output of the engagement.

Analytics and Modeling

We'll analyze and summarize your data (or a sample) and provide an assessment of problem or opportunity areas

We'll create statistical models, algorithms and simulations specific to your business situation. We'll deliver these as R or Python scripts that you can continually use and refine in anyway you see fit

We'll provide you with documentation and training on the uses and limitations of the models

Typical Projects

Modeling:  Make a predictive model that identifies and scores customers based on their likelihood of discontinuing their service

Churn Reduction Marketing

User Research:  Design and implement a discrete choice market research program to determine user preferences for various features at different price points

Prioritize Product Features Product

Algorithm development:  Create a queueing approach for customers, work orders or other items so that they get to right people at the right time

Efficient Routing Operations